How to integrate office 365 with Microsoft office 2013 & Outlook 2013

How to integrate office 365 with Microsoft office 2013 & Outlook 2013:- Many of people think that Office 365 website is the only way to get mail or access, but it is not the fact one can access office 365 office mail, calendar, people from the Microsoft office 2013. Office 365 waywardly works with Microsoft office 365 as well. Even users can access any of application which works with Microsoft exchange from Office 365. Most of the user of office 365 never actually comes to the office 365 website. You can also integrate office 365 with Microsoft office for the convenience. Nowadays, Microsoft Outlook is the preferred email sources for the clients which are mainly used to access Microsoft Exchange Server. Many of Companies integrate Outlook 2013 with Microsoft’s SharePoint platform and the purpose behind it to share the project’s notes, collaborate with colleagues, and to share documents. In use you didn’t  integrate office 365 with Microsoft Office 2013 and Outlook 2013 here we are providing some simple guiding steps follow them and start working with the software without visiting the office 365 website.

Steps to integrate office 365 with Microsoft office 2013

Follow the provided steps to integrate office 365 with Microsoft office 365.

  • Visit website of office 365, in stating section click on “Office 365 setting”
  • After that select in which you want to get started for example PC & Mac or Phone & tablet
  • After selecting PC & Mac, check the instructions.
  • To check all the features which come along with Microsoft office 2013, click on start section.
  • Select Office 365 setting.
  • Click on Install button to install Microsoft office 365.
  • You can start using your Microsoft office 2013 within just a few minutes.

Steps to integrate office 365 with Outlook 2013

  • After that in Microsoft office 2013, open Outlook 2013
  • Set up your account in Outlook 2013 by enters Your Name, E-mail Address, Password, Retype password for confirmation.
  • Click on “Next” button.
  • After that, your office 365 automatically will automatically configure them.
  • After completing the procedure click on “Finish” button.
  • Click on the OK button to restart.

With the help of this procedure, you can easily access your account from anywhere when you want. It will provide same mail, a same folder on the entire connecting device.  You can delete, send, or receive an email from anywhere. All your devices which are tied with office 365 will show the same email in the same folder. This is the way to make you work easy with the help of Microsoft office 2013 and Outlook 2013.

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