How to add and verify domains in office 365

How to add and verify domains in office 365: To set up Office 365 to use your domain and add your users, use the Office 365 setup wizard. You have two options to set up your domain:

  • Custom domain- You can bring your existing domain (Like or buy a new domain to use with Office 365.
  • Initial domain- If you’d rather keep using the domain you got when you logged in for Office 365, it can happen. You don’t have to verify and set up a custom domain unless you want to use your own domain name for email in Office 365

How to add and verify domains in office 365

  • First of all, open Internet Explorer.
  • Open the Microsoft Online Portal site for office 365.
  • Click Domains.
  • ‘Click’ to Add a Domain.
  • Now, click Start Step 1.
  • Enter the public domain name and click ‘next’.
  • Domain verification requires to be completed by adding a TXT or MX record into your public facing DNS. This is important to verify ownership of the domain. In maximum cases the secured and method is to add the TXT record.
  • Login to your public DNS provider and enter the TXT record specified by Microsoft. I select to use Go Daddy as I find they are a one stop shop for domains, DNS,hosting,certificates and the kitchen sink.
  • After the TXT record has been added you can go back to the Office 365 Portal site. Click on the Done. Now, click on ‘Verify now’ button.
  • Once the domain is verified, then click ‘Finish’.

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